Safety Tips

  • Measure tire pressure when the tire is cold and inflate to original specified pressure.
  • Follow inflation pressure recommendations issued by the car maker or ask professional tire shop.
  • Low tire pressure will easily cause accident. For satety reason, check tire pressure monthly.
  • Valve is made of rubber and metal. After long-term use will gradually aging. Using soapy water to determine there are no air leaks around the valve area. If air leaks, change a new valve.
  • If valve spilt, change a new one.
  • Valve must be capped to prevent air leak.
  • Minimum tread depth is limited 1.6mm. There are 6 “△” on the circumference of the tire marked "remaining tread".
  • (picture 2) The tread depth is flat, change a new tire.
  • (picture3) Noraml tread depth.
  • Check the tire surface for cracks, pins, metal scraps, glass or anything that may puncutre the tire. Also, check for pebbles stuck between the treads. If any of the above situations occur, please go to a prefessorional tire shop for repair.
  • (picture 1)The tire should be rotated according to specifications.
  • (picture 2&3) Mounting a tire to rim should be following the intruction of direction (inside / outside).
Tire is made of rubber and will deteriorate after a long period of use, and should be periodically inspceted. If tire made from manufactor date over five years, please inspect tires by tire shop, tire over 10 years old must be replaced.
  • Avoid grinding the sidewall against the curb and running over bumpy surfaces, to limit damage to the tires.
  • Avoid sharp cornering, quick stops, and rapid acceleration, to prevent accidents from happening.
  • Keep a safe driving distance and obey the speed limit.
  • To prevent irregular wear in advance, switching the location of tires is recommended every 10,000km.
  • If you feel vibration from car or steering wheel, please check with tire shop or car care center.
  • If you find irregual tread wear, please check with tire shop or car care center.
  • Avoide direct sunlight, rain or oil, and electric sparks in tire storage location.