the late starter who wins

The one who arrives first at the finishing line and wins the trophy does not necessarily have to be the one who starts first in the race. It is often the one who catches up from behind to lead the race that deserves to win the legendary title of the champion.

In 1996, a late starter yet full of confidence, SONAR joined the tire manufacturing race. Since inception, it has created many brilliant sales records, e.g. 37000 tires in 1996, a million in 2006 and 1.1 million in 2010. With its solid product strength, SONAR proudly sits on the top of every best selling list.

Origin of the brand: The Eagle Shaped design with sky-blue background color.Sonar represents an Eagle flying freely in the infinite blue sky.
Brand position:A flying Eagle searching for his prey with the precise sonar;
It represents Sonar tires provide great comfort when cruising. 

SONAR’s unique innovativeness not only exists in its product design and quality which bring safety and pleasure to the driver, but also in its business practice of spontaneously responding to market demands and focusing on the creation of high quality products. To provide consumers with what is beyond their expectation is the brand’s philosophy and ultimate goal of SONAR TIRE. That is why SONAR strives to become the leader in this race. This little miracle in the field of tire manufacturing is backed up by SONAR’s confidence in its extraordinary product quality and its earnest promise to its customers.